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News From the Library--December 7, 2009

Just in time for those holiday lists....

Third graders heard a hilarious story this week just in time for them to think about what they might put on those holiday lists. When Charlie McButton Lost Power by Suzanne Collins and illustrated with great gusto by Mike Lester, tells the story of a boy who spends a lot of time playing with computer games only to find his world grinds to a halt when lightning causes a power outage. Third graders could relate to his anxiety as he tries to find battery backups even going so far as to attack one of his sisters dolls! The story takes a charming twist as he finds how much he enjoys playing hide and seek with his sister and eating dinner by candlelight. This is a fun way to remind children that not every toy or game needs to squeak, move, compute, or do everything for you.

Also in the Library this week.....

Kindergarten--One of our favorite books in Kindergarten is Cynthia Rylant's The Great Gracie Chase. Oh, that naughty little dog led the whole town on a chase after she gets out of her yard. And all she really wanted was a little peace and quiet! Mark Teague's large, boisterous illustrations really add to the story.

First Grade--At first being copied might look like flattery but in Ruby, The Copy Cat by Peggy Rathman, the main character takes it just a little too far. Thanks to her gentle teacher, Ruby learns that being Ruby first is the best thing to do. Copying can cause lots of trouble in classrooms and this book is such a nice way to present both sides of the issue.

Second Grade--It's always fun to turn a fairy tale on it's head (or tail) and Waking Beauty by Leah Wilcox is a great twist on the Sleeping Beauty story. When Prince Charming finally arrives at the castle he's greeted with loud snoring, dirty hair, and a scary amount of "morning breath." He tries several options before finally, bravely, kissing the princess only to be bopped on the head for it. I must say the boys really enjoy this version of the story!

Third Grade--see opening post

Fourth Grade--A book that grabs the attention of fourth graders and holds them in its grip is Mrs. Marlowe's Mice by Frank and Devin Asch. The illustrations are fantastic--dark and a little eerie, and at one point in the story the children are horrified at the turn of events, only to be as relieved as the mice when it turns out that all is well. This book could also be used with older readers by having them figure out the historical comparison.

Fifth Grade--We played our first round of Library Jeopardy this week. It's always a little bit of a struggle to "think backwards" and come up with a question instead of an answer but after a few false starts we had a good game. This is an enjoyable way to learn some of the more, shall we say, boring parts of the library curriculum.

Sixth Grade--Sixth graders had a great time going on a Book Hunt this week and I'm so pleased at how adept they have become in locating books in our Library.

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