Sunday, January 14, 2007

News From the Library--January 15, 2007

Book Clubs Have Started in the Library!

This past week, we started our Library Book Clubs and already we have some enthusiastic members! Grades 1-4 have special clubs and grades 5 and 6 have chosen this year to continue doing video reviews on our blog as their club.

The most important rule for all the clubs is to have fun reading! Books are chosen at a student’s independent reading level so that reading for the Book Clubs is a pleasurable and relaxing experience. This also builds confidence and fluency as the children have the opportunity to practice the reading skills they have learned in the classroom.

Each grade level has a club and the “rules for membership” vary. Personalized bookmarks are given to members after they have read and reported on their first book. Following is a brief summary of the clubs. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by the Library or email me. We’re off to a great start!

Grades 1 and 2 are the Bookworm Club. Members read books from our Easy and Beginning Reader section. After taking the book home, or keeping it in their desk at school, and reading the entire book, members make an appointment with Mrs. Pedersen to read their favorite page either before school, at any recess, after school, or during their library time. Each time a book is finished it is entered on their “official” log and a sticker is awarded. After each 6 books are read, members can choose a special prize. As of the end of the first three days of clubs, we already have 9 Bookworms!

Grade 3 is the Red Dot Book Club, so named for the red dots on the spines of many books in our collection that are especially chosen for readers who are ready to read chapter books. After reading a “red dot book,” members write a book report and submit it to Mrs. Pedersen. After completing 2 written book reports, members can choose a special prize. Congratulations to Marlon for being our first member!

Grade 4 is the Mystery Book Club and members choose from the wide array of mysteries in our Library. Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books are among the all time favorites for this club. To report on their books, members have several options. One is to write a book report and turn it in to Mrs. Pedersen. A new option (and one we are very excited about!) is to record a video report to be posted on our blog. Students will use our stuffed animal dolphin as their avatar—named Dectective McDolphin for the club—or they can dress in one of our two Detective McDolphin costumes and perform their report. After two reports or blog reports, members can choose a special prize.

Book Clubs are one of my favorite parts of being a librarian at Cold Spring! It’s such a joy to see students excited about reading. Be sure to check for weekly updates on the Book Clubs.

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