Monday, November 06, 2006

Our First Blog Review!!

A Blog Review by Olive
(with the help of a very nice fifth grader!)

Hello! As you might remember, my name is Olive, The Library Cat. This week I'm very excited that a fifth grader has helped me blog a review of a wonderful book, Olive's Ocean by Kevin Henkes . (I especially liked the title even though I don't like water very much.)

I hope this is the first of many blog reviews to come!

Meow for now,

Olive, The Library Cat


Book Title: Olive’s Ocean

Author: Kevin Henkes

Published: 2003

Age group: 10-13 year olds

Olive’s Ocean was about a girl named Martha who gets a note from Olive’s mother a few weeks after Olive gets hit by a car and dies. The note says that Olive would have liked to be Martha’s friend and that she would have loved to go to the ocean. The story is about Martha’s struggles and things she discovers about Olive’s past.

My favorite part was when Martha painted Olive’s name on Olive’s front steps with water from the ocean. This was her way of bringing the ocean to Olive. The ocean water she collected in a jar she called Olive’s Ocean.

Yes, I would recommend this book to a friend. I think it is an interesting story about friendship and journeys.

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janet pedersen said...

Dear Fifth Grade Blog Reviewer,

What an excellent blog review. This sounds like such a good book. Thank you so much for reviewing it.

~Mrs. Pedersen