Friday, August 25, 2006

Voices from the Inglenook

Welcome to the Cold Spring School Library Inglenook!

This is our first feels like we're entering a brave new world. "Voices from the Inglenook" will be the blog for the Cold Spring School Library. During this school year we'll post information about the exciting and interesting adventures we'll have in our Library discovering books, searching for information, learning about different genres of literature, and participating in many events that celebrate reading and learning.

In the beginning, the posts will be by Janet Pedersen, Cold Spring School Librarian. I will write about topics that are hopefully of interest to parents and students alike and welcome your comments. I 'll have book reviews, information about what students are doing in the Library, and in the future I hope to have students participate in blogging their own book reviews and possibly podcasts about books they have read.

So come along with us and this exciting new adventure in communication!